Endocrinologist Career

An endocrinologist is a person that deals with endocrine system .Our endocrine systems are pituary gland, pineal gland, pancreas, thyroid gland, parathyroid gland and adrenal glands. The secretions are called as the hormones. They help the patients by restoring the normal balance of the human body. . Endocrinologists study about the secretion levels that result in diseases such as diabetes mellitus, thyroid and other disorders of endo -crine system.

An endocrinologist is a doctor who has basic training in internal medicine as well. Some of the disorders like the low thyroid hormone production or hypothyroidism deals only with an endocrine organ and an endocrinologist alone may detect, diagnose and manage such patients here are other disorders of the endocrine system which will lead to infertility and other unexpected issues.

The course for endocrinology consists of core courses like the knowledge of normal physiology of the endocrine system, including the physiology and biochemistry of hormones, and their actions. Extensive first-hand practical experience in a recognized training centre, of the management of diseases primarily involving the endocrine system follows.

Endocrinologist Eligibility

The student must pass 12th std with major subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology to write the NEET exam (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test). NEET exam will determine the eligibility of a person to pursue MBBS course.

Endocrinologist Recruitment Process

Step 1 To become an Endo Crinologist one must have a recognized MBBS degree from a medical college

Step 2 You must pass the NEET PG medical entrance to attain admission for masters in Endo-Crinologist.

Step 3 The duration of MD in Endo-Crinology is for two years. 

Endocrinologist Career Prospects

Doctors have the provision of getting into research as well as being a doctor .Other  prospects for an endo crinologist are research endo crinology  and clinical endo crinology .Endo crinology  clinics are famous all over the world as endo crine disorders are common in todays life style. 

Endocrinologist Salary

The monthly salary of a endocrinogist is Rs 40,000- Rs 50,000 . Monthly remuneration will depend upon the hospitals , experience, academic brilliance and seniority .