Audiologist Career

An audiologist is a professional who helps a person in the hearing and speech disorders .A hearing difficulty can sometimes be temporary or permanent. Audiologist can help in rehabilitating the victim .They can help the person to retrieve the ability to speak with the help of hearing aids, oral training and speech. An audiologist checks ear pathology and treats hearing related disorders.

Audiologist will dispense hearing aids according each ones needs. They also have the ability to design hearing aids. An audiologist is trained to identify neonatal hearing problems. Audiologist can also teach a student to talk using sign language. An audiologist will help in the overall well being of person dealing with the hearing and speech difficulty.

Besides treating and diagnosing a disorder, they also serve a social role in informing the public about treating disorders. They are also a moral support for people who face the issue of hearing and speech difficulty. 

Audiologist Eligibility

To be an audiologist one must have passed 12th std from a recognized university with a minimum marks of 60%. 

Audiologist Recruitment Process

Step 1 To become an audiologist one must join a hearing and speech institute.

Step 2 The College will give courses on Bachelor of Audiology and Speech Language Pathology for 4 yrs.

Step 3 The colleges in India that provides courses in Speech and Hearing are :-

1) National Institute of Hearing and Speech , Aakulam

2) All India Insitute of Spech and Hearing , Mysore

3) JSS Institute of Speech and Hearing , Mysore 

Audiologist Career Prospects

An audiologist has multiple career options. Private hospitals, health centres, clinics and nursing homes also offer employment opportunities to audiologists. Job opportunities are also available to audiologists in community care centres, community clinics, rehabilitation centers, centre for disabled, nursing care facilities and clinics run by college and universities. 

Audiologist Salary

The starting salary for an audiologist is Rs 14,000-Rs 16,000. It will vary for students with masters degree , if you have a masters degree then you can get a remuneration upto Rs 35,000 in the start of the career.